13 August 2020

Sailing post lockdown

Sailing post lockdown

Lockdown was a crazy time for us as sailors as we were landlocked for probably the longest time ever! What was nice though is that we stayed in the same place for more than 2 weeks which is extremely rare in the career that we have chosen. As frustrating as missing time on the water was and all our summer events, the time was perfect for reflecting on ourselves and relaxing and we now have realised how important breaks are.

From the beginning of June, we were allowed back on the water which felt weird at first considering everyone else was partially in lockdown. However, we soon fell into a great routine of 3 weeks on, one week off which enabled us to put everything into the 3 weeks and then reward ourselves with a week off to catch up with family and friends. This has made our time in Weymouth efficient, productive and goal focused. We also had the opportunity to train alongside the Tokyo 2020 boat which we would never have done pre-Covid 19 so we made the most of this and learnt so much. 

Our time on the water is beginning to show and we have definitely improved. We feel a lot more confident going into an event now than we did in March as over the winter we were faced with the same conditions every training camp. In Weymouth we have had wind, sun, no wind, waves, flat water, chop etc and had a training group of 3-5 boats. Even though Covid-19 has turned the Olympic cycle upside down, there have been some perks to the delay, and we are glad we have made the most out of it.

Looking forward, we have 3-4 training camps before our Europeans end of September in Austria and we are both competing in the RS 800 Nationals in a few weekends time. We aren’t racing together, but against each other which should bring out our competitive sides!