26 October 2020

49erFX Worlds 2021 announcement - Mastfell Sailing off to Oman

49erFX Worlds 2021 announcement - Mastfell Sailing off to Oman

Image of Al Mussanah Sports City © Lloyd images

The highly anticipated 49er worlds have been announced for 2021 running from 16th-21st November in Oman. This will be the first worlds Bella and Alice will compete at as a team and this is down as their outcome event to put them in good stead for the 2024 cycle. The girls will plan to have a second boat with a suitable amount of sailing time on it to pack up around August 2021. The newer the boat, the more competitive they will be. They will also need another suit of sails so they can have 2 sets with each boat and not have to transport any sails on flights.

With racing on the 16th, normally a pre-worlds will be held a week or 2 beforehand which means the girls will plan to head to Oman middle of October to fully acclimatise and get the boat all set up for venue training and racing. 

Europeans have been announced for May 2021 but still no venue. The rest of the event calendar remains the same. All news remains exciting in this current climate but making plans for 2021 makes our dreams seem a little bit closer and we can’t wait to go full speed towards 2024.