11 January 2021

Exciting News for Alice!

Exciting News for Alice!

Lockdown 3.0 has meant many sailing opportunities including events and training have been cancelled for the younger generations. Fortunately for us, we continue under the elite exemption and can resume training for the foreseeable future. Plans are still uncertain, and we are planning between us that we should do over the next few weeks to try and make the most out of a bad situation. Bella has just finished her Year 2 Semester 1 Exams so deserves a little bit of time out and we plan to be back out on the water at the end of this week.

In other news, Alice has been announced as the new 29er Class Head coach which is fantastic. After coaching the class for nearly 8 years, she is ecstatic with the news and the response received. She takes over from Niall in February, who was in fact, her first Feva coach back in the day! Niall has done a fantastic job with the class and can be responsible for its huge growth and engagement and challenging Facebook riddles. The biggest challenge would be sustaining this engagement in a time where not many people can get out on the water and keeping momentum going till the summer events.

The following statement was released by the 29er Class Chairman, Chris Evans:

“I would also like to take this opportunity to announce our new Class Head coach Alice Masterman. Many of you will already know Alice as she headed up the Class Development coaching last year and has also been one of the RYA Youth Squad coaches - she also led the class coaching team at the Garda Europeans in 2019. Alice will continue her Olympic campaign with Bella Fellows in the FX alongside her new role and we wish her every success.

I would also like to thank Niall for the knowledge and enthusiasm he has brought to the class as head coach over the last 3 years and we are very fortunate that Niall will continue to work with the class and with Alice as one of our coaches. We wish him all the best.”

The 29er is a 2-person youth, pathway skiff for both girls and boys. The 29er is known for going fast and looking cool whilst having an incredibly competitive fleet, with 300 or so boats at international competitions. Both Bella and Alice sailed the 29er as their youth class and achieved great results which they hope to inspire in the younger generations they coach.